Saturday, August 9, 2014

Waller Joel is a woo kook who trolls Internet since 1979. He is a Spiritualist when he wants to be and when he isn’t he is something else. He claims to have been on the original Arpanet team which means he helped invent the Internet. This is why he is probably Albert Gore.


Joel posts that he his is from the small country of Tennessee where Gore is.

Joel is ex coach Alex Ferguson

Wes has uncovered that Joel is really Alex Ferguson.


This makes sense since Joel-Ferguson boasts he has a jet so he could be going back and forth between places which would explain why has over 300 iP addresses.

Joel fakes Asian Doctor this may be criminal

Joel is also faking as Andrew Chung, Chung lied to my email account and got my complete real full name and details My real name is not Pine Cone etc becuase I have talking with Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson, Joel sent me death threats becuase I exposed it was him behind the trolling and asked him on it, he before now knew by my fine points and name becuase hes an internet tail who has been tailing me for over 60 months on fake email addresses and accounts etc, he has done the same to limitless others, hes blacklisted my name not Pine Cone on way to many forums. As Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson has a stretched history of building fake accounts of other people, if any more user shows up here with Pine Cone in his name, it is not this Pine Cone. Namaste.

Do not trust Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson, I don’t why do you? He is the troll behind the sockpuppet account "Shen1987" which he sends people sexual with animals being abused on. Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson said in an email to Pine Cone he has never heard of Alex Ferguson which is a coverup disinformation psyop tactic which Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson copied from Frank Camper., but Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson allusions Ferguson in his own posts and admitted to meeting him. Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson 100% liar some of the time.


I had a secret secure line private cellphone call with the bona fides Frank Camper who said it was he when I asked and he was amazed that Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson has been faking him so good all over Arpanet and Internet. Camper’s knows JuJuitzu so Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson is now faking and quaking! As below, is below! Like in the film Nosso Lar which Joel told everyone he made but it was made in England by Spiritualists like those kooky Warwoods and George Cranley zerdini whose near dead.

Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson is also Shen1987
Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson is flipping over acting like a psychopath he is possibly chasing his own tail and dumb Spirtualists like Jim and Lisa Warwood buy into the garbage. Then they think ectoplasm is real when it is cheesecloth or muslin or cotton balls so what can you expect from woomeisters who believe claptrap.

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Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson is also Murgatroid

Hes crazy and should be confounded behind bars and blanket padded walls without windows, who does this. Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson is who does that.

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Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson says he trained athletes
but this is a lie since when you Google Joel and athletes you get nothing. Proof.

Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson post all over the Internet place

He also posts on afterlifeforums under two names mac and Waller both are Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson.

[mac and Joel schisoiding]

Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson must be gay since he posts under macthegay here to.

I posted as notallfrauds and FatherArun and as siemens to counterpounch being skeptical macthegay and the Kia Muegge fraud case which someone had to do or otherwords no one would.

The picture on Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson website
Waller Blogg
is from a profile picture from an old person’s home in Happy Valley Florida so it is fake as he is. No more from me on this problem I have done all I can, you guys can take over. School is in session and I have much more important things to do than chase Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson butt all over the place. Make somebody's day help if you can. Namaste.

100% More Proof!!

Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson has an email address on his webblog and I sent him an email using that address and got no answer. Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson knew it was Pine Cone and that is why he did not reply. Proof. I know proof when I see it being a man of science soon to have my degree. I am working with conifers hence “Pine Cone” handle and this will lead me to the pine-al gland. I will explore the relationships betwen the pineal and psychpathicism and Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson and get back. Namaste.
Send Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson an email, you will be ignort so you will have the proof to. This is a method of sceince known as replication.

Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson posted he is “wealthy beyond any imagination”
and that his house is on the beach

which is why he uses this as his avatar.
when talking to himself as ‘mac’ or macthegay’

He Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson that is says this is his house, that he lives next to Celine Dion, Michael Jordan and Tigre Wood which makes sense since Al Gore has a mansion there and so does Alex Ferguson. Can someone go over to Florida and check this out? Thanks.

ANOTHER alias Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson

Using an alias Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson typed "The psuedo-sceptical point of view is prepared by very extraordinarily ordinary and unexceptional hypocrites. Randi, Wiseman, French, Coyne, Myers,...and their forum clone Darryl Forests...are these people that you would swell you with pride to have rendezvous your daughters?" Joel/Chung/Gore/Ferguson is a sicko maybe.

Proof I am Me

[Darryl Forests student of all sceinces aka Pine Cone]